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Economy of Albania
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An important gateway to the Balkan Peninsula , Albania's ever-growing road network provides juncture to reach its neighbouring countries. Albania is within close proximity to all the major European capitals with short two- or three-hour flights that are available daily. Albania is also known for its history and traditional culture.

A report from the United States Agency for International Development USAid in October indicated that the direct contribution of tourism is becoming a significant part of the country's Gross Domestic Product, a full 4. The total contribution to the GDP was about 17 percent "including wider effects from investment and the supply chain". This is expected to increase in future.

Seventy percent of Albania's terrain is mountainous and there are valleys that spread in a beautiful mosaic of forests, pastures, springs framed by high peaks capped by snow until late summer spreads across them. Transport has undergone significant changes in the past two decades, vastly modernizing the infrastructure. Improvements to the road infrastructure, rail, urban, and airport transport have all led to a vast improvement in transportation. These upgrades have played a key role in supporting Albania's economy, which in the past decade has come to rely heavily on the construction industry.

Albania's motorway network has been extensively modernised throughout the s and part of it is still under construction. There are a total of 3 major motorways in Albania: the A1 , A2 , and A3. It has seen a dramatic rise in passenger numbers and aircraft movements since the early s. Today, the Airport handles over 2. Furthermore, Albania plans to build two airports which will mainly serve the tourism industry.

As of , the port ranks as one of the largest passenger ports on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea , with annual passenger volume of approximately 1. The ports serve an extensive system of ferries connecting numerous islands and coastal cities in addition to ferry lines to several cities in Croatia, Greece, and Italy. The railway system was extensively promoted by the totalitarian regime of Enver Hoxha , during which time the use of private transport was effectively prohibited.

Since the collapse of the former regime, there has been a considerable increase in car ownership and bus usage.

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The construction of 1. This would connect the port of Burgas in Bulgaria with the port of Vlora in Albania. However, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline seems more likely to get started. A compressor station will be built near Fier , and an additional compressor is planned near Bilisht should capacity be expanded to 20 billion cubic metres bcm. Eight block valve stations and one landfall station will be built along its route. In the summer of , TAP started the construction and rehabilitation of access roads and bridges along the pipeline's route in Albania.

The work is expected to be completed during Albania has the second largest oil deposits in the Balkan peninsula and the largest onshore oil reserves in Europe. It's crude output amounted to more than 1. Three foreign firms produced the rest. Oil production in Albania was increasing continuously. During the periods — and — the total production was only from the sandstone reservoirs, while after year was and from the carbonate reservoirs.

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Up to the year from the sandstones were produced ton oil. Albanian oil and gas is represents of the most promising albeit strictly regulated sectors of the economy. It has attracted foreign investors since the early nineties marking the beginning of reforms which transformed the public exclusive rights, control and responsibilities with regard to exploration and exploitation, to the private sector.

Inflation : 2. Products : wheat , maize , potatoes , vegetables , fruits , sugar beets , grapes ; meat , dairy products. Import partners: Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Economy of Albania Tirana is the economic hub of Albania. Fiscal year.

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Inflation CPI. Population below poverty line. Gini coefficient. Human Development Index. Average net salary. Ease-of-doing-business rank. Italy FDI stock.

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Current account. Gross external debt. Public debt.

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Main article: Accession of Albania to the European Union. Main articles: Agriculture in Albania and Albanian wine. The Albanian Riviera is famous for its olive and citrus plantations. Main article: Tourism in Albania. Main article: Transport in Albania. Main article: List of oil and gas fields in Albania. International Monetary Fund. Retrieved 29 September World Bank.

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