Frozen Lightning

Captured Lightning: fractal-like Lichtenberg figures frozen in acrylic blocks by Bert Hickman
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What Happens When Lightning Strikes Sand

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Frozen Lightning

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Share Twit Share Email. Home Nanotechnology Nanophysics. March 2, Silver nanoswitch: When the voltage between a gold conductor top and silver conductor bottom exceeds a critical point, silver ions rapidly assemble like a lightning strike to bridge the gap through a organic molecule monolayer.

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We've all seen Lichtenberg figures. They're hammered into charged insulating blocks, or are branded into an unfortunate person's skin. Fulgurites are natural tubes, clumps, or masses of sintered, vitrified, and/or fused soil, sand, rock, organic debris and other sediments that sometimes form when lightning discharges into ground. . Ouellette, Jennifer (23 July ). "Fermilab Physicist Makes "Frozen Lightning" Art with Accelerators". Scientific American blog.

Physicists score double hit in LED research 13 hours ago. Sep 25,