Love is Like a Simile (and other profound advice from the underqualified)

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A man may live never so retired a life but he becomes a debtor or a creditor before he is aware of it. If anyone meets us who owes us a debt of gratitude, it immediately crosses our mind. How often can we meet some one to whom we owe gratitude, without thinking of it! To make a long speech in the presence of others without flattering your audience, is to rouse dislike.

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The pleasantest society is that in which there exists a genial deference amongst the members one towards another. The sensual man often laughs when there is nothing to laugh at. Whatever it is that moves him, he shows that he is pleased with himself. A man well on in years was reproved for still troubling himself about young women. A man does not mind being blamed for his faults, and being punished for them, and he patiently suffers much for the sake of them; but he becomes impatient if he is required to give them up. Certain faults are necessary to the individual if he is to exist.

We should not like old friends to give up certain peculiarities. What kind of faults in ourselves should we retain, nay, even cultivate? Those which rather flatter other people than offend them. Our passions are, in truth, like the phoenix. When the old one burns away, the new one rises out of its ashes at once. Great passions are hopeless diseases. That which could cure them is the first thing to make them really dangerous.

Passion is enhanced and tempered by avowal. In nothing, perhaps, is the middle course more desirable than in confidence and reticence towards those we love.

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Love is Like a Simile (and other profound advice from the underqualified) - Kindle edition by Christine Morse. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Love is Like a Simile (and other profound advice from the underqualified) eBook: Christine Morse: Kindle Store.

To sit in judgment on the departed is never likely to be equitable. We all suffer from life; who except God can call us to account? Let not their faults and sufferings, but what they have accomplished and done, occupy the survivors. It is failings that show human nature, and merits that distinguish the individual; faults and misfortunes we all have in common; virtues belong to each one separately.

"We pine for ceremony": ritual and reality in the poetry of Seamus Heaney (1965-1975)

The secret places in the way of life may not and cannot be revealed: there are rocks of offence on which every traveller must stumble. But the poet points to where they are. It would not be worth while to see seventy years if all the wisdom of this world were foolishness with God. In the smithy the iron is softened by blowing up the fire, and taking the dross from the bar. As soon as it is purified, it is beaten and pressed, and becomes firm again by the addition of fresh water. The same thing happens to a man at the hands of his teacher.

Of true religions there are only two: one of them recognises and worships the Holy that without form or shape dwells in and around us; and the other recognises and worships it in its fairest form. Everything that lies between these two is idolatry. It is undeniable that in the Reformation the human mind tried to free itself; and the renaissance of Greek and Roman antiquity brought about the wish and longing for a freer, more seemly, and elegant life. The movement was favoured in no small degree by the fact that men's hearts aimed at returning to a certain simple state of nature, while the imagination sought to concentrate itself.

The Saints were all at once driven from heaven; and senses, thought, and heart were turned from a divine mother with a tender child, to the grown man doing good and suffering evil, who was later transfigured into a being half-divine in its nature, and then recognised and honoured as God himself. He stood against a background where the Creator had opened out the universe; a spiritual influence went out from him; his sufferings were adopted as an example, and his transfiguration was the pledge of everlastingness.

From a strict point of view we must have a reformation of ourselves every day, and protest against others, even though it be in no religious sense.

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It should be our earnest endeavour to use words coinciding as closely as possible with what we feel, see, think, experience, imagine, and reason. It is an endeavour which we cannot evade, and which is daily to be renewed. Let every man examine himself, and he will find this a much harder task than he might suppose; for, unhappily, a man usually takes words as mere make-shifts; his knowledge and his thought are in most cases better than his method of expression.

False, irrelevant, and futile ideas may arise in ourselves and others, or find their way into us from without. Let us persist in the effort to remove them as far as we can, by plain and honest purpose. Laws are all made by old people and by men. Youths and women want the exceptions, old people the rules. Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian antiquities are never more than curiosities; it is well to make acquaintance with them; but in point of moral and aesthetic culture they can help us little. The German runs no greater danger than to advance with and by the example of his neighbours.

There is perhaps no nation that is fitter for the process of self-development; so that it has proved of the greatest advantage to Germany to have obtained the notice of the world so late.

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Even men of insight do not see that they try to explain things which lie at the foundation of our experience, and in which we must simply acquiesce. Yet still the attempt may have its advantage, as otherwise we should break off our researches too soon. From this time forward, if a man does not apply himself to some art or handiwork, he will be in a bad way.

In the rapid changes of the world, knowledge is no longer a furtherance; by the time a man has taken note of everything, he has lost himself. Besides, in these days the world forces universal culture upon us, and so we need not trouble ourselves further about it; we must appropriate some particular culture.

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Pereant qui ante nos nostra dixerunt! This is so strange an utterance, that it could only have come from one who fancied himself autochthonous. The man who looks upon it as an honour to be descended from wise ancestors, will allow them at least as much common-sense as he allows himself. Strictly speaking, everything depends upon a man's intentions; where these exist, thoughts appear; and as the intentions are, so are the thoughts. If a man lives long in a high position, he does not, it is true, experience all that a man can experience; but he experiences things like them, and perhaps some things that have no parallel elsewhere.

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To be and remain true to oneself and others, is to possess the noblest attribute of the greatest talents. The action of genius is in a way ubiquitous: towards general truths before experience, and towards particular truths after it. An active scepticism is one which constantly aims at overcoming itself, and arriving by means of regulated experience at a kind of conditioned certainty. The general nature of the sceptical mind is its tendency to inquire whether any particular predicate really attaches to any particular object; and the purpose of the inquiry is safely to apply in practice what has thus been discovered and proved.

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The mind endowed with active powers and keeping with a practical object to the task that lies nearest, is the worthiest there is on earth. A man is well equipped for all the real necessities of life if he trusts his senses, and so cultivates them that they remain worthy of being trusted.

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All direct invitation to live up to ideals is of doubtful value, particularly if addressed to women. Whatever the reason of it may be, a man of any importance collects round him a seraglio of a more or less religious, moral, and aesthetic character. When a great idea enters the world as a Gospel, it becomes an offence to the multitude, which stagnates in pedantry; and to those who have much learning but little depth, it is folly.

Every idea appears at first as a strange visitor, and when it begins to be realised, it is hardly distinguishable from phantasy and phantastery. This it is that has been called, in a good and in a bad sense, ideology; and this is why the ideologist is so repugnant to the hard-working, practical man of every day. You may recognise the utility of an idea, and yet not quite understand how to make a perfect use of it.

Credo Deum! That is a fine, a worthy thing to say; but to recognise God where and as he reveals himself, is the only true bliss on earth. Kepler said: 'My wish is that I may perceive the God whom I find everywhere in the external world, in like manner also within and inside me. What is predestination?

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Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition. Filippo Bruno was born in January or February , son of Giovanni Bruno, a soldier of modest circumstances, and Fraulissa Savolina, at Nola, about 17 miles north east of Naples. Such, in brief, was the missionary career of Robert Southwell, deliberately shrouded in secrecy except at rare moments when he felt that a public voice was needed to console, condemn, inspire, or direct. To put on such an antic disposition is to be a mummer and a moralist, a realist and a romantic visionary; the artist who sees and the artist who feels but who retains his freedom. The Venetian authorities dilly-dallied, before eventually acceding to the request in January Before, in a former part. Adulatory, a.

It is this: God is mightier and wiser than we are, and so he does with us as he pleases. Toleration should, strictly speaking, be only a passing mood; it ought to lead to acknowledgment and appreciation.