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Try to keep the initial expenses as low as possible, so that you can make a big fundraising profit on the day of.

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The time and effort will be worth it! For more expert advice on fraternity fundraising, check out this helpful resource put together by OmegaFi. Members get to enjoy a great night out on the town together while raising money.


The crawl is all upside. For an animal shelter fundraiser, have everyone dress up like their favorite animal. Map out your route ahead of time and call the bars to let them know about your plan.

Appoint a few members to man the donation buckets. Place the buckets on the bar at every pub and see if the servers will let other patrons know about the fundraiser. Make sure your donation buckets are attention grabbing and on theme. Bar patrons that are considering donating should be able to quickly discern the cause and make a donation. With dating apps and online sites, very few couples are meeting the old-fashioned way…in a large room, with a bunch of strangers, at 10 minute intervals. Throw in fundraising for a good cause and who could turn it down? Your sorority or fraternity likely has a large pool of eligible bachelorettes and bachelors that are the perfect candidates for a speed dating fundraiser.

Plan the event and get your single brothers or sisters to volunteer their time for the night. Make sure you post about it on social media and put up flyers around campus and in the student center. You want participants from all walks of campus life. As hosts, those from your organization can stake out the seats they want, and the visitors will rotate. Afterwards, give people time to mingle and reconnect with anyone that they enjoyed from their dates.

Ensure that the charity that the proceeds are going to is promoted front and center. Date night auctions are an excellent fundraising strategy, because they give you multiple opportunities to make money. First, have each fraternity and sorority that wants to participate nominate one or two brave volunteers to be the auction prize.

Fair warning: whoever offers up the highest bid will get to take the volunteer on a date, so the volunteer has to be willing to go out with whoever takes interest. Next, get each group to pick a charity. In the weeks leading up to the event, have each dater create a fundraising page that features a brief personal profile, as well as a description of their charity and a form where people can donate online.

Although you can up the ante by offering a prize to the organization who raises the most money, at the end of the auction each fraternity or sorority will donate their proceeds to the charity of their choice. Start by recruiting some bold fraternity or sorority members to be your models. You can either request that they bring their own outfits to show off or see if a local boutique will donate some clothes.

Some organizations will even take this event a step further by having their models make outfits out of unconventional materials like duct tape or newspaper!

The hardest part of planning this event will be finding a venue with a catwalk for your models to walk down. University theaters and auditoriums work well, or you can mimic a runway by making a long aisle down a cafeteria or gymnasium floor and placing chairs on either side. Raise money by charging admittance and getting attendees to vote for their favorite outfit with their dollars. You can either put out buckets to collect donations or have people text their donations through a mobile giving platform. Online petitions are a great way to encourage your supporters to take action to help you reach your goals.

They can be just the jolt of energy your organization needs to reinvigorate your work and better serve your mission. The use of online petitions has grown steadily and continues to do so.

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Whether you want to re-engage your supporters through new avenues of participation, garner media attention, or establish your organization as an authority, a successful online petition can help you do that. That assistance will in turn enable you to collect more and more donations. Your online petition will need a clear action. In other words, you want to demonstrate a clear theory of change. Once you have the petition in place, promote it across your communications channels and in conjunction with your donation requests.

Supporters are going to willingly volunteer to be arrested. For the event itself, the volunteer criminals get arrested for various silly, cause-themed crimes. Prior to the event, your arrestees will have set up online fundraising pages and promote them and the event itself. Detain your criminals with only the items they need to raise the funds to pay bail.

There has to be a time limit to prevent people from remaining jailed indefinitely and to incentivize donors to act swiftly. Up until recently, the only downside to fundraising through runs and walks was that the events were limited to locals only.

Real-Life Fundraising Ideas that Worked

Major gift fundraising is no longer the domain of larger, established charities, but a vital element in philanthropy today. The world of major gifts can seem. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Major Gift Fundraising (The Charity. First Series Book 3) file PDF Book.

The internet solved that problem. Participants are still encouraged to crowdfund ahead of time and secure pledges. Racers still pay a registration fee and get event t-shirts mailed, instead of picked up. Competitors cover the same distance. It just happens in dozens of parts of the country. After they have gone the distance, runners report their times. Runners are held to an honor system for telling the truth about their race times.

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Online Donations Accept donations online before, during, or after your next fundraising event to drastically increase the amount raised. Assembling themed date night activity baskets for the participants to enjoy on their dates. All nonprofits want to excel at major gifts fundraising. Frame the event around a hot topic to best grab the attention of potential attendees. Chances are, if your supporters are museum patrons, they love history and looking at beautiful, old artifacts. Whether you want to re-engage your supporters through new avenues of participation, garner media attention, or establish your organization as an authority, a successful online petition can help you do that.

Fundraising events bring like-minded people together. Strive for the bonding experience no matter the event, virtual ones included. The sale happens virtually, but the baked goods are very much real. Bake sales are the comfort food of the fundraising world, organized year after year, all over the country. Taking a bake sale online infuses the event with modern flair. Post a bake sale menu and donation page that interested parties can browse. As they make donations, they can also put in their order information and your bakers will ship off the requested goods.

Check out popular food bloggers and food-centric social media accounts to learn about food presentation and photography. That way, when you take pictures of the various baked goods for the fundraising page, the items will look irresistible. Each menu item needs its own enticing description, in addition to its appetizing photo. Bake apple pie over apple crumbles, for example. Pie delivered to your door.

The same rule applies to all the goodies and sweets that your chefs will whip up. People buy most things online now, so why should bake sale treats be any different? Viral video challenges are an excellent way to bring pledge-based fundraising events to the digital age.

Our Favorite Fundraising Event Ideas

First, start by setting the challenge. The best challenges, however, have something to do with your cause. The total pledge amount will be donated after your volunteers have carried out the challenge. At the end of the fundraising period, your volunteers will record themselves completing whatever activity you requested. They also must share the video on all of their social media pages to raise awareness of the cause and encourage others to participate. Request that they volunteer a willing friend at the end of the video. The goal is to establish a chain of video challenges that will blow up the web—and your fundraising!

For example, with soccer, divide your team up between defenders plus goalies , midfielders, and forwards. Group the kids attending camp and have them rotate through mini lessons for each position.

Each mini lesson should focus on fundamentals, in addition to position specifics. Have everyone play in scrimmages for the second half of the day, with the clinicians partly coaching and partly playing alongside the kids. Rather than a normal road race, competitors have to tackle various obstacles as they traverse diverse terrain.

Mud pits, rope courses, climbing walls, and much more make these races exhilarating. The events are great fun and great exercise, but not designed for the faint of heart. Interested members of your sports club can sign up for an event and crowdfund to raise money. Participating teammates can train together. Wear matching outfits on race day and stick together.

Help one another through the more challenging obstacles. Everyone will have their strengths. One person might soar up the climbing wall and another might crawl through tunnels with ease. Use teamwork to support one another through the more difficult moments. Your team is full of young and capable athletes. Put your skills to great use in the community.

How to Get a First Meeting with a Major Donor - Major Gifts Challenge

Elderly citizens in your area need help with daily tasks that would never even faze a high schooler. Offer your lifting, moving, opening, and carrying services for a day, weekend, or series of weekends. Your team will be able to assist countless people. Bowling for bucks is another way of saying bowl-a-thon.