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Rutgers asks the companies that license its African patents to share benefits but not the University itself.

Instead, the commercializing company is asked to make payments directly to entities in the country of origin. An odd structure considering that the licensee may have no familiarity with the country of origin, much less the skills necessary to work effectively with entities there. In addition this unilateral one size-fits-all approach ignores the fact that in most national laws there cannot be any transfer of rights even if Rutgers legitimately accessed the genetic resource or traditional knowledge in the first instance.

But benefit sharing by the licensing company is not even mandatory. The verbiage is obviously meaningless. These are essentially recitations, and no concrete commitments are made. This paragraph reads, in its entirety punctuated as in the original :. But the University continues to lodge new patent claims. Meanwhile, Rutgers continues to file more patent applications on African medicinal plants, hoping to finally achieve patent control over breakthrough product. Wall Street Journal, 30 March.

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Personal profile on wayn. As she looks back on her years as a college student, Dana offers advice to other students. Jessica Schnell was a recent graduate from Cornell with a major in nutrition, but her budding interest in bird conservation was what led her to pursue graduate study at Rutgers-Newark.

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On that day she met an avid birder on the Rutgers biology faculty, Professor Claus Holzapfel. Now that she has her Ph.


Commencement Speaker: Rutgers Graduate School-Newark, School of Public Affairs & Administration. Transcript from commencment. American Universities, comprising the top research universities in North America. Today, Rutgers . First-Year and Transfer Undergraduate Students, Fall

Numbers play a major role in Victor Castaneda's life, but that doesn't mean the economics and mathematics major has lived his life by the numbers. After high school, Victor spent four years in the U. Marines Corps Reserves. His first years at Rutgers-Newark were both exhausting and fortuitous.

A full-time student, he worked nights at a package delivery service, some 35 hours a week, a grueling schedule only lessened in the past year when implementation of the new GI Bill eased the financial burdens of tuition. But his first year was also marked by the good luck of finding himself in a class taught by R-N economics department chair John Graham. Not only did Graham's class supercharge Castaneda's interest in economics and mathematics, it was Graham who invited Castaneda to take part in the annual College Federal Reserve Challenge competition.

The Fed Challenge is a nationwide competition, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, which tests college students' understanding of the workings of the "Fed" and the numerous economic factors and policies that impact its decisions concerning interest rates.

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For three years Castaneda was a key team member, including serving as captain, and for each of those years, he and the team won the regional competition and finished near the top of the national finals in Washington, D. Each year, he and the team spent months, and scores of hours, doing research and working with Graham to analyze vast amounts of economics data. Based on their findings, they would propose what position the Fed should make on the prime interest rate - lower or raise it, or maintain the status quo - and then prepare an in-depth presentation to argue their case.

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The team then had to present their findings - and be grilled by members of the Fed - as they progressed through the rounds of the challenge. Along the way team members learned to think fast on their feet and handle the stress of competition, and gained valuable public speaking skills.

Post graduation, Castaneda is seeking research assistant positions at the Federal Reserve, insurance companies, investment banks, and similar institutions, looking to gain experience that will help him in graduate school. And, Castaneda will continue to hone his parenting skills as new dad to son Noah, born during the fall semester.

Top of Form. For Nigerian native Amaka Amakwe , the future holds an introduction to yet another part of the U. Come fall , Amakwe will begin classes at the University of Connecticut School of Dentistry, attending on a full scholarship. Amakwe expected cultural differences between her homeland and the U. Having family already living in the U. PAD Caucus. Funding Requests. Dec 21, Issues: Education.

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