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Your system is really consistent with its results and I know it will continue to do well. I lost 3 other bets but this one win more than makes up for it. Good stuff man! Now I understand why you are so protective of it. I am so glad I was a prior customer of yours, possibly one of the best things I've done It's been over a month and I've enjoyed an endless supply of winners.

Even when you have a few losses the win is always around the corner. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your systems. I work as an airline pilot and I fly 4 days a week. The other 3 days I bet using your system almost all the time.

It's an excellent pastime and I don't mind the extra cash either. I honestly think one has to be a fool to not be using your systems I was so excited to receive trifecta gold that the first thing I did once I got it was I wrote the system rules down and stored it in my safe with my other valuables. And within a few days I had the rules memorized even without trying. Your system truly is super Not bad at all. It gives you an instant winning edge that feels unfair.

When I got the system I first back-tested it and it picked two trifectas from the first nine races. The mental high I get from consistent winning is amazing.

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I've also started to make Superfecta bets as I see massive potential in nailing those big payouts. I'm working on some combos and if you don't mind I'd like to update you with the Superfecta results soon I'm still in shock as I've never managed to win anything before this. I was still happy with the smaller win last week but this six figure payout was something else How amazing is that!

I've managed to use the trifecta winnings to buy my old man a ride on mower. He lives in a rural area where he has a small avocado farm and the ride on will come in really handy I've been a client of yours for close to a decade and I think you are the best pro bettor out there. Keep up the good work and hopefully one day we can meet in person. I thought the bet had not been placed so I placed the same bet again. So I went over the tickets and realized what had happened. Well, something good happens to me for a change I've only used it for three days but the results are really good Seriously, this has to be the best money maker ever created Only used it once as I've been pretty sick but almost recovered now and will go get those trifectas.

All the best. I have 3 more bets to go as they are on later races.

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This is almost unbelievable as I've never found a system that worked this well. The really amazing thing is that I would have never chosen the horses your system worked out I've still got all that cash in my pocket right now. I cannot wait for my partner to get home so I can gloat about it.

My only complaint is that my wife doesn't get why I like betting so much even after she sees all that cash rolling in. Hopefully one day I'll meet another trifecta gold user who lives nearby so we can bet together. I test systems and post the results at my blog and I bought your favorite system a very long time ago for that purpose.

So I jumped and quickly got your trifecta system when you offered it. After extensive live testing, I have nothing bad to say. In fact I seriously started using the system nine months ago and have added impressive growth to my betting bank Now I can bet on hundreds of races and even if I lose on all of them I will still be ahead So I was not fully convinced about your system. But it has been 14 months now and I have yet to have a losing week and I've also never had this much fun before.

So yes, you were right in saying that the rest are just pretenders I picked just the main Metropolitan meeting here in NSW and decided to make 8 bets. I placed those bets on Saturday morning and went to work. And to my surprise I had 3 winners I have my own site here in the UK which sells a system I developed a while ago. I thought I knew a lot about horseracing and you were pulling my leg with your trifecta system.

But honestly I am now lost for words after using trifecta gold. I have actually emailed my clients and told them about your system and how it's much better than what I've sold them. That's how impressed I am with your system. But I must admit that your trifecta system is in a whole different league. And I love it! I am so, so glad I checked my junk mail folder as my filter had wrongly directed your email there. It's been nine days now and I've managed to get at least one win a day.

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Some days it's been just a small win but the days with larger wins certainly makes up for the shortfall. I've tried hundreds of systems over the past 40 years and almost all don't work. And the most frustrating part is that they require user decision making to work out the selections. For once I can use a system that actually works and is completely automated.

It suits my engineering background You were dead right with your advice, thanks. I know this sorts of amounts don't excite you but it's a really big deal to me Smaller winnings is better than no winnings It was pretty close and if the outsider actually won, I'd have collected 4 figures for sure.

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I'm still waiting for another of my bet. Race starts in 20 minutes. Will keep you posted.

I know you have a lot of clients and you don't know me personally but at times it feels like I am connected to you through your system. Keep up the good work my friend I've devised a simple money management plan that will enable me to buy a new car within months just from the winnings of trifecta gold At a glance it lets me know of how many bets I've made and a running balance of my profits.

Let me know if you'd like to see it you can use it any way you like free of charge.

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My expectations were a bit high when I got your system but the results are even better than what I had expected. I've had winnings everyday so far and I would have been happy with just one winner a week Seeing your system in action is the only way to believe how effective it really is What a trooper!

I work in retail so I work almost all weekends. My days off are Thursdays and Fridays. I got your system on Monday and was itching to use it.

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Blah blah blah, stick a pin in it Reply. The reason is not complicated. So, if your objective is a serious stab at the races you need to be just as serious in your handicapping. So I jumped and quickly got your trifecta system when you offered it. Only deposits made using Cards or Paypal will qualify for this promotion. Current form should always be compared to overall form too. The Racing Post is the place to find all the information we need.

Come thursday morning and just could not wait to bet. But my boss rings up asking me to go to work to fill in for another employee who called in sick. So I rushed online and placed five trifecta bets and shot to work.

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Work was really hectic so I completely forgot about my bets. We have late nights on Thursdays since the store is in a mall that opens late every Thursday. By the time I got home it was almost And the first thing I did was check my results. I shouted so loudly after seeing the balance that it woke my girlfriend who rushed to the living area with a baseball bat I think if anyone wants winners today, they need to stop wasting time and start using your system right away.

I know it sounds far fetched but I used to get them daily for as long as I can remember. Some days were worse than others. But I have not had any for 6 weeks.

It stopped the same day I started using trifecta gold. One for the medical books! Next week I'll make more bets Anyway, my old man visited me from Australia recently.

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He has been betting for 60 years he is 87 and I showed him your system rules and selection method. Firstly he was shocked at how one could develop something this good.