Tell Em Charlie Sent Ya: Nine Stories of Healing and Death

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Food and Nutrition Throughout Life. Intuitive Eating. The Women's Brain Book The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness. What Doesn't Kill Us How freezing water, extreme altitude, and envir My 1st oldest brother had a heart of gold he did everything a parent could ask for in a son …that was him. I lost my brother on July 6th as well. He was My heart goes out to you.


We loved him beyond words. I lost my brother suddenly on July 6th as well. It was my worst nightmare losing a close family member, especially my only brother.

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What was supposed to be a fun summer day with friends ended tragic very quickly. I keep replaying the phone call I received notifying me of his death over and over again. Sometimes I simply cannot belief he is gone forever. He was just here. How quickly life can change. I loved him dearly and miss everything about him. I see his face and smile and just keep wishing he was here.

Tell Em Charlie Sent Ya: Nine Stories Of Healing And Death

I sympathize with everyone that has lost their sibling. Reading your messages has brought comfort knowing that there are others struggling as much as I am with my loss. Losing my sister has lead me to do and say some crazy stuff.. I am so happy It did. Despite how sad and heartbreaking everyones stories were to read, they did help me. On May 15, I lost my older sister Shay in a car accident. She had gone out to meet up with friends and have drinks. She never came home. We dont know if she was avoiding a deer or if she fell asleep.

She just went off the road and plowed through a cedar tree. Around 5am I had gotten the call from our mom, shay had been in a car accident and was on life support. I rushed to get her smaller kids who were at home asleep alone, and I swear I wasnt breathing the entire ride there and to the hospital. She was on life support for 12 hours and then she was gone.

I was so heartbroken and mad. Mad at her , mad at myself. Mad at her childrens fathers who left her with such a huge responsibility alone.

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I wanted someone to blame, and sadly I still do. Alot of days myself. There is 3 of us. We have all three been thick as thieves.

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  7. “Tell ‘em Charlie Sent Ya”, Nine stories of healing and death.

My younger sister being 28, myself 32, and Shay being My sisters are my best friends. We worked together, we raise all our kids together, we live down the street from each other. Losing part of our trio has been shattering. I know I will never be the same. I worry constantly about my daughter who cries every night bc she misses her aunt. Or all my nieces and nephews who cry over their aunt who was a huge part of all their lives. My sister Shay left behind 4 kids ranging Thank you all so much for your stories.

I lost my sister on June 24th, She was only 51 years old. She had diabetes. She was sick for a very long time. She had her toes amputated two years prior. Her kidney function was failing and they put her on dialysis. Her heart was weakening also, so she was given 6 months to live back in March of My sister began to have fluid overload and refused the dialysis.

For weeks on end I kept bugging her to go to the hospital to get that fluid off of her. She could barely walk, and she was so short of breath. Her legs felt like they were as hard as concrete. I kept getting in her for weeks on end begging her to go to the hospital. Finally she was in so much pain, she agreed to go.

By the time she got to hospital, she was disoriented and confused. Finally convinced her to do dialysis…..

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They had to put a new port in her and she could have her session of dialysis begin again. They finally got her through the dialysis, she complained of pain that evening. She was confused and disoriented again. It was like she was fine one minute and confused the next. That same night we got a call from her daughter that the hospital called and said her heart stopped beating 20 min ago. We ran up to the hospital and of course she was gone. I never felt so guilt in my life.

I bugged her to death to go to hospital and get back on dialysis. She finally agrees and after her session she does that night.

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She had a heart attack and complete kidney failure. She was just too far gone not doing dialysis like she should have. She told us that she never wanted to do dialysis again…. I was trying to keep her from dying….. I have 3 other sisters. They are dealing with this in their own way I guess…..


I assume you mean this. She was divorced and I never married. And whenever Delgado gets writer's block, he thinks about that audience, because " it helps to remember that a story exists to connect one person to another, for however briefly. Hardly anybody here plays baseball and rounders is for children, but cricket is popular especially with middle class people or in the Shires. Peer Spirit , Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea's company, facilitates a group process with rotating leadership. The support system may also be weakened if the person who died was an important source of support for surviving siblings. Cui bono?

I feel a lone at times. I close my eyes and I still see her face….. Its been one of the hardest things that I have ever had to go through.

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We had a celebration of life for her…. She left behind three daughters and 5 beautiful grandkids. My heart breaks for them all. I lost my little brother March 16th at the age of 26 to a car accident. There were no other cars involved.. He hit 5 Orange trees before being ejected out of the car and was almost be headed after being thrown into a tree head first.

I live in Atlanta Ga… so I got that call at am..

My life will never be the same.. I cry and feel so alone. I planned his service.. The hardest thing I ever had to do. I look at life differently now.