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And these services are provided to us by data mining companies.

They put on face and then come out as email service providers, social networking providers, and function sharing providers; but in fact they are data mining companies. And to them, we're just a commodity to be traded for profit. Our privacy is something for them to be traded as profit.

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The moment they start respecting our privacy, they won't make any money. Let us for a moment imagine that we have a device in our home, in every home, and this device will provide us all of these services. It will also store our data. It will sync this data to all our devices, mobile phones, laptops and so on. It will be accessible from everywhere. And it will respect our privacy.

And most importantly, it will then become a personal cloud that we control rather than one that controls us. And FreedomBox is that device. This device must be a consumer electronics device, meaning its operation has to be as close to setting up and operating a personal smartphone rather than setting up a server by a system administrator.

So we're going to go through that set up process first.

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And then I connect the power. And that is how we turn on freedom one home at a time. Let's connect to it.

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So I see FreedomBox network using the password that is already provided with the device. I connect to this wireless network.

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And then I open up my browser. And then I visit a predesignated URL. And then I see the setup. And then doctor raises a hand and says, "Yes," and then we all believe it's the duty of the doctor to help the patient. And in our society today, we have a serious problem. Everything is monitored. It's not possible to freely communicate. It's not possible to freely talk, write, or even think. So we have a massive problem with us. And then I hear voices saying, "Is someone here an engineer?

And then I raise my hand. And then I looked at the projects that were trying to solve this problem, and what I found is that FreedomBox is a project that is on the right goals with the right ideals. And so I happened to join the project. And FreedomBox is a critical part of this, trying to bring things together and make it simple for people to use and actually get to the homes.

It's 90 minutes long which tells you how to use various applications and how to actually anonymize traffic which is passing through. It's still working. There are going to be various of these social networking things built in or something else. Please look it up and assign yourself some innovation and make software that protects your own freedom. I think all of us can take a look at the longer version of the video as well.

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In India, we're excited about it. There's been initiatives also of this kind, and we're hoping that some of the limitations of that are presently overcome. He'll be speaking in Portuguese, and Fernando will be translating. In this initial minute, instead of talking just about me, I want to thank Judy and Mr.

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Babu, and the other colleagues at this table for the opportunity of sharing experiences with you. And so Fernando doesn't only translate machines, but also people. And thanks to my friends for coming to listen to me speak in Portuguese in this event, in this such important event. First, I have to tell Judy that all of us are activists. This will calm her so that she knows not to lose perspective of the fight we are all involved in, but brought us a number of important concepts such as neutrality, zero rating, connectivity, and access which are really important aspects of software and the whole issue of development.

And FreedomBox is one more element in this really important complex system that we consider the free Internet. I'm going to bring up six worries, six concerns or challenges that relate to the concepts that have been already presented here. First, the social and conceptual model of the society.

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Online we cannot just deal with this simplistic division of the public and the private. In the future, the common property, this will not just be a third way of thinking of property, it will be a model, a form of property that absorbs part of what we today call public property and part of what today we call private property. Secondly, we also have to revise this concept of both the concept of public and that of private property.

Online today there's a lot of confusion between public and universal. Not everything that is universal is public. This means that in the future, a production chain, the mode of production, and the result of the production, they will take place in both dimensions, public and private. What we need to ensure is that more and more production be publicized or made public for society. I defend the creation of a public dimension at an international level. The third issue is the difference between an ecosystem and an ego system.

What we can observe today online is the overemphasis or stimulation of the ego system. Ecosystems are universal, public, and free. All of them produce and all of them benefit from the result of what they produce.

My fourth concern is about a new capital that has come up online. And that is the technical informational capital. This is penultimate point. Almost done. We also worry about public services online which also have to have an international dimension. And, finally, public investments they must be guided or directed to ecosystems that are truly free. Financing for private models are much larger, much larger by far. What's needed is that funding should be half and half. That way we can compare which are the ecosystems that truly bring the greatest benefit to society.

I finish by saying that the initial concepts of neutrality and zero rating, these are very important concepts. But if we truly want to find synergies on the Internet, we must ensure human rights for citizens, not citizens of the country but all citizens around the world. One plus five minutes. My name is Sunil, and I think my most important qualification is perhaps that I work with Pranesh at the Center for Internet and Society.

I'd like to go straight into my presentation and start with a little story. I didn't of course understand all the Internet governance issues at stake. And I had the privilege to meet the Minister of Culture of Brazil, Gilberto Gil; and even today I remain inspired by his leadership on matters connected to free software and the Brazilian leadership on matters connected to free software. So thank you so much for your leadership.

Those were better time for the free software movement because the Geneva declaration explicitly referenced free software. That is a very big fight that all of us have to fight, and we have little time for that fight. So please go home and send emails and call your people in New York. The second important fight is that we have to continue on education reform. More and more curricula across the world have become random neutral. But that is still not enough because there is insufficient capacity in schools and universities in many parts of the world to introduce young people to free software.

Therefore, we need a requirement that as part of school program and engineering schools, students are required to make contributions to the repositories of free software projects. They can be very simple contributions.

The simplest thing you could potentially do is localize a free software project. That is technically quite a rudimentary thing to do. But it will teach students how to work with the global free software community, how to work with version control systems, and will make them part of the free software movement.

This is something that we also have to focus on doing immediately. The third thing is working on procurement mandates. When the government purchases software, it is important that the government uses its market power to promote free software. And the tragedy is twofold, one, which Mishi has already covered and also the gentleman in the video, that the price we're paying is surveillance. The second is every time we use Google's technology, Google's technology gets better. So our intelligence and our hard work is contributing to the strengthening of Google's monopoly.

This is also a terrible shame. It's not just Google. There are many other proprietary companies that are in this space. But Google is the easiest example.